Friday, April 22, 2016

New Songwriting Software Helps Musicians Brainstorm Lyrics

Ever got writer's block when devising a poem or song lyrics?

Tried paperback thesauruses and websites to find just the right words to express yourself?

A new software claims to produce results 20x as fast as what is generally out there.

"As a musician, poet and freelance writer I developed this tool when I was doing some paid work as a ghostwriter. I've used Brainstorm Pro to produce poems that clients found outstanding, in a really short amount of time" say Jesse Gilbert, the creator of the software.

Using Brainstorm Pro a songwriter can just enter 5 or 10 words that they want to write about, then get lists of words to choose from and find the rhyming words...all in record time.

The program more targeted towards the aspiring urban songwriter than established musicians who can pay thousands to have hit songs written for them.

Brainstorm Pro is desktop based so much of the slow load time for websites is reduced and allows the composer to work offline where there may not be an internet connection.

"We've had a few songwriters try it out and say they knew something like this had to be out there and they were finally seeing it. It's like magic for wordsmiths."

To learn more about this software, see demonstations and download a free try version, check out

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