Thursday, August 13, 2009

Born To Rock Design Releases Rockster+ PRO Music Processing Software

New PRO version of Rockster+ music software now handles digital recordings at up to 192kHz 24-bit. It provides the final touch to studio or home digital recordings, adding live sound ambiance and controllable heat and drive. Use one of seven factory presets, or design your own sound.

Record your dry file in a digital recorder of your choice, edit and mix down to stereo. Record clean with a close mic, or even direct to the board, and later experiment at leisure with many different ROCKSTER settings to provide exactly the desired heat, drive, and "air". Go easy on effects. Record undistorted, clean and dry so you keep your options open later. Then use ROCKSTER to add desired heat, drive and space to individual vocal or instrumental tracks, including drum tracks; to entire songs; or to finalize or master your complete CD album.

Your input files in 24-bit or 16-bit stereo wav format are internally processed at 32-bit depth. Output may be dithered or non-dithered.

Ten-position clickable-detent controls permit exact reproducibility. Output filenames automatically indicate the chosen settings for later re-use. Save your preferred settings, name your own venue files.

Absolute consistency is assured since Rockster+ PRO first analyzes the entire input file you give it, from beginning to end; and then processes it as an integrated unit according to your chosen settings.

Thorough pre-analysis of your entire input file, followed by implementation of your chosen settings in view of the analyzed result, is a key feature of Rockster+ PRO music processing. Creative control remains with you -- since you can choose from 2 quadrillion possible settings in Rockster+ PRO.

The rack-style control panel provides factory and user presets as well as click-stop settings for reverb time, decay and mix; and heat, drive and space. Reverb controls are independently adjustable for reflections from rear, side, ceiling and audience so you can design your own concert hall's size, shape, and liveliness. Create a venue ranging from jazz club to opera hall, precisely to your needs.

Rockster+ PRO software is available for download in a free trial version. Rockster+ PRO licensed version (for processing unlimited song length) available online for US$118.

Rockster runs on Windows, or "Bootcamp" for Mac.

For more information, including a screenshot of the user interface, visit the website Audio samples are available at the website

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