Saturday, July 30, 2016

Grammy Nominated Producer, George Nash Jr., Launches New Music Company To Support Peace And Healing

George Nash Jr., 4 Time Grammy Nominated Producer, announces the launch of his new music company, True Music Group.

"True Music Group stands for what I want my legacy to be: Truth, Realness, Unity and Excellence not only in music but in life. I want to bring back the influential

essence of music with our current circumstances."

Although music has been an evolving industry over the last 15 years with the digital internet age, George Nash hopes True Music Group will connect with all music

enthusiasts who are looking for a refresh sound and music experience especially spreading music with a message of peace, patience and prosperity for all via direct to

consumer digital outlets.

Furthermore, True Group intends to be an informational hub of hands on knowledge of what it really means to be an artist in today's music business with their

integrated web platform to offer helpful tools and insights to groom future stars. As Grammy Member of the Grammy Recording Academy, he hopes to give honest and

realistic expectations on the music industry.

"Understanding what it takes to be, 'true' to yourself and not lose sight of who you are to do what you love is really important to me and I want to help future

artists and music professionals by giving them the right tools they need to succeed and the support positive movements."

True Music Group launches their first campaign: "T.R.U.E. Music Harmony to T.R.U.E. Racial Harmony," including a series of music videos this July with the plans of

releasing their first music compilation and having their first event this fall. For more information about George Nash Jr. and True Music Group visit:

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