Thursday, September 29, 2011


The bar of the new pop-rock world is set even higher with the release of Michael Addison’s ALWAYS YOU. Along with his title single, the CD includes others hits, COME BACK TO ME, SHE KNOWS, and LAST WORDS. With contributions from Christine Wu (Justine Timberlake/Usher) and Ryan Hoyle (Collective Soul) ALWAYS YOU is sure to impress listeners of all ages. ALWAYS YOU is available online, including iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.

Along with the CD, Addison released his debut music video ALWAYS YOU, directed by Geoffrey McNeil of GSM Entertainment. After working with clients such as John Mayer and Kanye West, GSM was eager to take on this exciting project with Michael Addison. Celebrity appearances by super model Heidi Cortez and Sean Winchester (Everclear) add to the fun surprises throughout the video. The tongue and cheek story is a hilarious ride with Michael and his monkey best friend. Be sure to check out the ALWAYS YOU music video on Addison’s Youtube channel at

About Michael Addison
Michael’s journey began on the outskirts of Philadelphia. At an early age, he began writing with a wide range of influences from Nirvana to Johnny Cash. In college at The University of Arizona, Michael’s talents came to life as he moved further West to Los Angeles. Michael Addison music spread through Hollywood as he played along the Sunset Strip and throughout the city.

As fate would have it, singing sensation Kelly McGrath discovered a Michael Addison DVD and introduced him to music producer Larry Marciano. Michael and Larry joined forces and created the new and exciting sounds you hear today. Michael Addison’s addictive music is ever evolving and even more exciting songs and videos are soon to follow. To learn more about Michael Addison visit

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