Friday, July 24, 2015

Music From The Heart Of The Andorran Mountains

Landry Riba (Principality of Andorra, 1975) is an Andorran wildlife veterinarian and bass player. After several years involved in jazz, pop-rock or funk bands, he decided, in early 2013 to start a very personal project mixing mountain's field recordings, classical strings, bass lines and some electronica… The result is a second self-released album called "Tales from behind the mirror" produced and mixed at Overhear Studio in Berlin (Germany) by Federico Albanese and mastered at Störung Studio in Badalona (Spain) by Alex Gámez.

Some will say it's "soft instrumental music", others will call it "modern classical" or "ambient music"… But it's only music and it's only to make people have a pause in their hurried lives! The main ingredients of the receipt are:
-Some field recordings performed in the woods, near a river or during a snowy day in the Pyrenean Mountains…
-A bass guitar base, giving the harmonic line of the pieces, playing chords or arpeggios
-A cello, going on with the melodies, with the help of some piano notes
-Some electronic samplers and synths, providing a particular background and blending all the other ingredients together…

Landry started writing nine new pieces on September 2014 and several months of hard but amazing work after that, this new album is on the street, under the title "Tales from behind the mirror". It's a musical tale about how easy it is to have a different look at everything around us, about the need of having different points of view in any matter. Mirrors can show us hidden corners, they can bring light, they can create new spaces… and that's the way the new tracks were written: searching for light melodies, opened harmonic spaces, and instruments that are repeating the musical message as reflected in a mirror. Even Charlie Chaplin appears in the last track of the album sharing his voice with bass and piano and playing with the reflections!

The album is distributed via TuneCore and Bandcamp on its digital and CD versions.

You can listen to the whole album at, purchase a CD or download a digital pack at or subscribe to the newsletter and get great discounts at

Contact: Landry Riba / / / phone: (00 376) 342026

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