Thursday, July 23, 2015

Jazz Suite Just Released The Debut Sizzling Single Entitled "Lady Di Has A Guy Of Her Own"

Just released and available on cd baby, iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. "Lady Di Has a Guy of Her Own" features the smooth voice of the one and only recording artist, pianist and composer Denise Stewart and the undeniable trumpet voice of musician, singer and producer Vincent Bates.

The unique and cool Jazz Suite sound began in 2007, and is the vision of Vincent Bates. In 2008, the addition of Denise's voice has only enhanced the Jazz Suite sound and today it has become an emotionally transformative musical experience with each new release.

"Lady Di Has a Guy of Her Own" was first conceived when I was in college, but never completed. While I was performing in a stage play as the late great Ms. Billie Holiday, I was moved to pick the song back up again. As I was performing "You Go to My Head" in the play, I was inspired to use "Lady Di" as a theme song to tell Ms. Holiday's story, but it never happened." Denise Stewart said. "So I put it back on the shelf and vowed to record and release it one day. A few years later after pitching it to a few trumpet players (to no avail), in walked Vincent Bates with his horn and he played it flawlessly on the first try. I was hooked! He could feel where I was emotionally with this song and it reflected in his playing. I've always wanted to live in that time so I could sing that music, and now I do."

"Lady Di Has a Guy of Her Own" is a reflection of our mutual love and great respect for Miles Davis and Billie Holiday". Said Vincent Bates "The collaboration process between myself and Denise is for us, a journey with no end, just an ebb and flow of our love of God, music, and each other."

Craig T. Cooper, of "Quality Time" is also featured playing guitar. "Craig and I have been collaborating for years on many songs, so I knew Craig would add something elegant and fresh to this song. He not only played for us, but he also mixed and mastered "Lady Di Has a Guy of Her Own", giving it that special "Craig T signature sound." Denise added.

"Lady Di Has a Guy of Her Own" is the first release of their new album entitled "Let Love Happen". The music of Jazz Suite is a powerful mix of compelling, healing, and transformative rhythmic tones and melodious shades of love driving life into the listeners' soul.

"Lady Di Has a Guy of Her Own" is now available for your listening enjoyment on, cdBaby, iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, Rhapsody, SoundCloud and Spotify.

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