Friday, April 3, 2015

Matt Coleman's New Single

Following hot on the heels of being signed up to Tommcat Records, Matt Coleman's new single, Love You Like I Do is proving a great success on the radio circuit, and is confident that he'll soon achieve his dream of becoming a great artist who will accomplish his life ambition to achieve many great feats.

"My favorite artists are Vanessa Carlton, mainly her Be Not Nobody album, with songs that to this day help me to relax with and cope with death, and through my trials and tribulations. It brings back memories of when I graduated high school and went to college to better my life—now I want to achieve this with my music"

His style is a mixture of hip hop, rap with a pop edge that is proving popular with fans looking for great music with a riff.

Coleman also featured on two mgunz mixtapes, Chronicles (2009) and Chronicles 2 (2010). His current single can be purchased on iTunes and all other good online music retailers.

About Matt Coleman
Rapper and hip hop artist Matt Colman is a solo artist who writes, records and raps his own material except for hook ready tracks. The ambitious rapper has big plans for his future, and is already played worldwide. For more information, please visit Matt Coleman's website.

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