Friday, April 3, 2015

L'Marco Smith's Feels Like A Dream Giving Eternal Life in Film, on Runways, and Dance Clubs

L'Marco Smith is breaking social and creative barriers with his eclectic new album, "​Feels Like A Dream​."​ The 11 track LP provides reflections of L'Marco​'s ​joys and pains cultivated harmoniously with ​Pop​, R&B​, Soul​, and Experimental genres. The title track Feels Like A Dream​ is bold, and provocative with mysterious and intoxicating undertones.

​​His widely favoured ballad "Love Is" made its debut on the soundtrack of Paul D. Hannah's ​psychological thriller "The Last Letter" showing L'Marco as a serious contender. Other upbeat R&B singles like "Come On" and "Happy Song" exude a soulful pop culture vibe that turns any moment any day of the week into a fabulous soirée​.

Praised for his electrifying stage presence​, and charismatic personality, L'Marco ​​skillfully injects this album with equally dynamic appeal. ​Exciting dance clubs around the world with a its unique sound, Feels Like A Dream ​is culturally boundless. DJs are mashing singles with House, Deep House, and even EDM, and the crowds love it! An excellent addition to your work or play music library, available on iTunes and Amazon now.

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