Sunday, October 2, 2011

2-Time Award Winning Guitarist And Boosweet CEO Tours Brasil, Argentina

The award winning, small independent label based in Los Angeles, California “Boosweet Records” is about to embark on another historical first for the label, and for the country of Argentina. Boosweet in conjunction with Todo Guitarra Y Bajo Magazine of Argentina, with support from Seymour Duncan(USA), Ernie Ball(Slap Music Argentina), Morley(Slap Music Argentina), Xotic Effects(USA, Japan), Tecniforte Cables(Brazil), and Meteoro Amps(Brazil) will host the first ever guitar competition in the history of the music industry in Argentina.

The guitar competition aptly named “Guitar Power” was the brainchild of award winning guitarist, and actor Vernon Neilly who is also the CEO and President of Boosweet Enterprises LLC the parent company of Boosweet Records, and the owner of Todo Guitarra Y Bajo Magazine, Marcelo Roascio. The competition will look for the most talented future guitar stars in Argentina, who will all be trying to the win the “Grand Prize” of a full recording contract with Boosweet, which will distribute and sell the winners music globally.

Vernon, Marcelo, and a couple more esteemed people from the music community in Argentina will judge the ‘live” finals in Buenos Aires on October 12 at Auditorio Bauen Theater. Neilly commented, “Argentina is a country known for producing talented people in the sports world, and it equally has amazing guitar and musical talent that we felt we had to tap into. This is going to be a great event, and I am just happy that I could be instrumental in bringing this opportunity to a musically talent rich country.”

During this time Vernon Neilly will also be doing a tour of Brazil and Argentina, starting off with his featured performance at the annual “Tagima Dream Team” Day event at “Moinho” in Sao Paulo Brazil on September 20, 2011. Vernon will also perform for “Tagima” and other sponsors during “Expo Music” during the week of September 21-25, 2011. Expo Music is the largest music retailer event on the continent of South America, that brings major musical equipment manufactures from all over the world to showcase and sell their new products, as well as many live performances. Vernon will be touring Argentina during the dates of September 26 through October 17, 2011.

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