Friday, March 20, 2009

Mary Margaret Park Releases March 2009 Feature, "I Dreamt Redemption".

Mary Margaret Park has released her March 2009 feature titled, "I Dreamt Redemption"; a short-story from the 'Devil'z Hide' universe. A synopsis of the installment can be read below:

- It was a bitter hour, and everything piling up in Dale's head was rocking his nerves. He could relax with a beer and watch some TV, but what was the point; he'd still have to overcome his fears; he'd still have to consider all the alternatives and bring everything to a place where normalcy could be his friend again.

- Dale couldn't get comfortable; he was restless and needed an escape. He headed to his bedroom and plopped on the bed, secretly hoping that everything was merely a bad dream. When he later awoke, everything in his backyard was covered by a huge plume of fog. When he tried opening his windows to peer beyond, he discovered that they'd been sealed shut...

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Readers will need a PC or Mac capable of displaying PDF files and are encouraged to join Mary Margaret Park's demo-club.

About "I Dreamt Redemption":

'I Dreamt Redemption' is a short-story from the larger body of work known as, "Devil'z Hide"; a psychological/survival horror series authored by Mary Margaret Park and co-produced by Sekrett Scilensce. It is highly recommended for fans of David Lynch and Silent Hill (video-games 1 and 2, not the Chris Gans film).

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