Wednesday, November 11, 2015

MusicDish And LittleE Studio Launch Crowdfunding Campaign In Support Of BodyMemory

MusicDish and LittleE Studio announced the launch of a crowdfunding campaign through crowdfunding platform RocketHub. The campaign called "Sharing the Spirit of Beijing with New York Through BodyMemory" will help fund Beijing-based artist/designer and founder of LittleE Studio Yi Zhou's artist in residency at New York's Flux Factory. LittleE Studio will hold crowdfunding launch events in collaboration with Beijing eatery White Tiger Village on October 30th and Beijing Flea Market for a special Halloween BodyMemory Clinic.

The crowdfunding campaign will help Yi Zhou share the BodyMemory project with New Yorkers through a series of ready-made pieces, the "Make Your Own Finger" DIY Kit and BodyMemory Clinic customized service to cast a person's own body part into an accessory. BodyMemory creates duplicate cast models of body parts that are transformed into accessories, including fingers, nose, mouth, belly button and etc... Featured in leading press outlets such as Timeout Beijing, Cool Hunting, and Huffington Post, BodyMemory events has been held over twenty times in the past year in New York, Taiwan, Hong Kong and across China.

The crowdfunding also opens the launch of MusicDish Yaogun, the company's latest brand representing some of China's top and emerging music and visual artists. In addition to Yi Zhou, MusicDish Yaogun has signed top Chinese rock acts Second Hand Rose, Iron Kite and Gemini. MusicDish Yaogun will also be hosting a BodyMemory workshop at Manhattan's China Institute this coming January.

The RocketHub crowdfunding campaign can be found at

Born and raised in Beijing, Yi Zhou is an artist, independent designer and founder of LittleE Studio. She received her MA in Industrial Design at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and moved back to her hometown. Her work has covered a broad range including art, design and fashion. Most of Yi’s projects are drawn from daily life, focusing primarily on the interrelation between human relations and behavior. She takes inspiration from social issues through observation and categorization, transferring those insights and analysis into playful artistic manifestations.

MusicDish Yaogun is an agency that represents some of China's top and up-&-coming artists that embody the spirit and attitude of Yaogun. Yaogun refers to Chinese rock, which was born mere 30 years ago and has since grown into a movement, melding rock 'n roll with its own unique characteristics and opening a new chapter in the long history of the global genre. From Iron Kite, the veteran of Yaogun’s 'Golden Age' to the iconic Second Hand Rose and groundbreaking Sino-Franco rock duo Gemini, each reflects a different facet of this unique genre. And because the 'Spirit of Chinese Rock' is not confined to music, we're also signing promising artists/designers such as Zhou Yi and her BodyMemory Project.

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