Thursday, July 26, 2012

Kublakai Releases His Newest Video, TOP 5

In hip-hop, many things can be debated. What is the difference between hip-hop vs. Rap? What is the best direction for the future of the culture? How did it begin? Who was the real father of hip-hop? But there is one subject that tends to get tempers flaring and emotions higher than any other… Who are the top 5 best rappers to ever pick up the mic?

Today, dynamic, Northwest born MC, Kublakai, fresh off his tour with half of the legendary Binary Star rapper One Be Lo, poses that question to you with his new video, Top 5. In it, Kublakai waxes poetic about his favorite moments learning of this culture we all so deeply love and debate over.

The video, directed by Zac McConnell (director for other Northwest up-and-comers, Sol (2020) & Grynch (Perspective)) has a tone similar to the song; nostalgic and personal. There is a dreamlike quality to McConnell’s past work and this is no different. Well framed with lots of up-close and personal shots of Kublakai while he shares his stories and seemingly never-ending hip-hop collection.

This is Kublakai’s FOURTH video (previous videos: The Basics 2, One of a Kind & Rock that $#!+) from his sophomore album, The Basics 2 released independently. It is available via his bandcamp page and on Itunes. Kublakai tours consistently around the country and you can find show dates on his website He is currently working on new material and is throwing his first ever festival, Noisemaker Fest, which will take place at Nectar Lounge in Seattle, Wa on Saturday, September 8th.

Be sure to catch Kublakai Live on stage in your city after checking out his new video.

Who’s in your Top 5?

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