Friday, May 7, 2010 Launches New Plans With Advanced Features Geared For Larger Publishers And Libraries To Easily Setup Their Rate Cards


LicenseQuote (, the music licensing e-commerce SAAS (Software As A Service) for independent music publishers, labels, composers and library owners, has launched a new set of flexible plans with powerful advanced features to enable its clients to cost effectively license their music directly from their own web sites while keeping 100% of all their sales revenues.

The new LicenseQuote subscription plans pricing has been lowered and adapted to accommodate smaller and much larger catalogs alike. Standard plan capacities include 200, 500, 1000 songs and custom quotes are provided for larger catalogs and libraries.

A new option includes LicenseQuote hosting the track files or letting clients host their music track files on their own servers or other storage solutions. This flexible approach makes it possible to add or import the track's links and make them available for preview and post-purchase downloading from the publisher's embedded licensing stores. It also saves publishers time by not needing to upload the same tracks (again) to another server and lowers price because LicenseQuote is not burdended with the storage and related bandwidth costs. This new plan option can save LQ clients about 60% of their subscription costs. LicenseQuote plans now also offer the choice of a yearly payment option which can save LQ subscribers another 25% compared to monthly payments.

Cost effective pricing is now available for catalogs of all sizes starting from 200 songs ($80/year) to 150,000 tracks catalogs and more. LQ has been working closely with several very large publishers and catalog owners in order to adjust its pricing and feature set to accommodate such large catalogs. "During private beta testing of the new plans and features, we've received excellent response along with a notable increase of mid and larger size catalog/library inquiries and new subscription sign-ups", said Michael Borges, co-owner and CEO of LicenseQuote.

Since our last major version upgrade, LicenseQuote has added many powerful new features for publishers and library owners of all sizes to use.

New features and benefits include:

- Mass import your songs/tracks catalog meta data for fast and efficient ingestion of tracks, to be used with the LicenseQuote powered private label Licensing Store. Any spreadsheet which can be saved in standard CSV format will work. A sample template, instructions and Import "wizard" makes the process easy to use.

- Export your complete music library for offline backup, or to make batch edits and prepare for an updated Import.

- Delete entire catalogs or libraries along with their associated track files. This mass deletion feature comes handy to manage important contract renewal changes and/or expiration deadlines, etc.

- Setup, add and manage an unlimited number of custom defined Brands, Genres, Licensing Types, Categories and Rate Card profiles with all LicenseQuote Plan offerings.

- New 'per copy' license pricing calculation mechanism which can calculate the price per copy for single or multiple tier rate card setups and buyer input/property selections.

- New customizable licensing types include a Mechanical Royalty License and Ring Tone licenses offerings.

- Expanded search features in the Store includes searching for tracks by full or partial titles, artist, composer, catalog brand, song/track description keywords, genres and subgenres (when available).

- Store presentation includes options to add and edit the store title, publisher name (with optional link to the publisher̢۪s website), a captcha protected email contact form and a graphic image at top of the licensing store.

- Support for offline and custom payment modes as well as streamlined online credit card payments from the license buyers.

- Support for free/demo licenses and ability for buyers to get quotes without registering.

- Improved contract editing and invoices, advanced negotiation means, improved reports, new friendly setup wizard, better Mac support, better handling of file formats and playback, improved scalability, faster loading licensing stores... and much more. is now offering a fully functional 30-day FREE Trial of its new subscription plans service. "This is the perfect opportunity for both new and established music publishers and library operators to join the e-commerce revolution while maintaining full control of their own publishing and licensing business future" said Doron Erblich, co-owner and CTO of

Based in Lake Elsinore California, is revolutionizing the way music is published for licensing. LicenseQuote is a leader in providing advanced licensing tools to independent publishers, labels, catalogs and libraries.

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