Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Award Winning Artist Halie Loren Signs Distribution/License Deal With JVC/Victor Entertainment For The Japanese Market

Website: http://www.halieloren.com
Music: http://www.jvcmusic.co.jp/-/Artist/A023111.html

Award winning jazz singer/songwriter Halie Loren recently signed a licensing and distribution deal with JVC/Victor Entertainment. The agreement will increase her music's exposure in Japan and the surrounding Asian markets, starting with the release of a deluxe edition of "They Oughta Write A Song" on May 19th. Commenting, JVC/Victor Entertainment's A&R Jazz Manager Sumio Jono stated, "Halie is truly a gifted singer and songwriter, and we at JVC/Victor look forward to introducing her in Japan. Her previous award-winning album "They Oughta Write A Song" is well done, and I am excited to work with her on future projects."

Halie Loren is an artist and songwriter known for both her extraordinary song interpretations and rich, emotive vocals. She covers a wide range of styles within the genre – everything from pure standard jazz to jazzified classics and originals in her recordings and live performances. "They Oughta Write A Song" was the third album released in the US under the independent label White Moon Productions. It received world-wide critical acclaim and won the 2009 Vocal Jazz Album of the Year award from the largest independent music awards organization in the world.

Loren has already begun preliminary work on her next full length CD, which JVC/Victor is set to release in Japan around late October, 2010 to coincide with several live performances there. JVC/Victor Entertainment will also handle the marketing, licensing and promotion of Halie and her music in the Asian market.

Loren stated, "It's an honor to work with a company as highly respected and diverse as JVC/Victor. I am thrilled about the opportunity, and eager to begin the process. I am especially looking forward to performing in Japan along with Matt Treder, a very talented pianist/arranger who has supported me along the way. We are elated about playing for the music fans we've heard so much about."

Keith Altomare, White Moon's Marketing Director, has worked closely with Loren to expand her distribution base over the past several months and will be coordinating the marketing/distribution efforts in Japan. "I am very pleased to work with JVC/Victor. By expanding distribution and marketing support with such a well rounded company, I'm confident that Halie Loren has many years of success ahead of her."

While Loren exudes enthusiasm for her music and performing, the optimism is certainly not one sided. Critiquing her music, the LA Jazz Scene Monthly said, "Halie Loren has displayed the rare ability of being able to make the most familiar song sound fresh and relevant, and has a talent for transforming unlikely material into jazz." Michael Fiegel of All About Jazz.com, stated, "The title track (of They Oughta Write a Song) sounds like a standard, and if there is any sense of fairness in the world, will be someday…a well-balanced mixture of classic jazz and modern sass."

Victor Entertainment, Inc. (JVC Victor) is a major independent record company wholly owned by Victor Company of Japan, Ltd. (known as "JVC" in the international market). Founded in 1972, with its strength to produce hits in both international and domestic repertoires throughout the years, JVC Victor has always been one of the top record labels in the Japanese market.

Contact: Keith Altomare / (541-992-5399)
Company: White Moon Productions
Location: Eugene, Oregon
Email: whitemoonprod@comcast.net
Website: http://www.halieloren.com

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