Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Magic Monster Launches Radio Station

Los Angeles resident and musician, Carisa Bianca Mellado, launched Magic Monster Radio and Magic Monster Records on March 7, 2011. The station has aired to listeners around the globe and is set to keep growing over the months ahead.

The Magic Monster Launch Party was held at renowned Hollywood Club "Three Clubs" on Sunday, March 6, 2011, featuring wild performances from The Cut Ups (now shut up), Bestial Mouths, Peppermint Pumpkin and Full Frontal. The evening was hosted by Subversion (LA), featuring notorious DJs Comrade Stallen and Wes Deraven.

The label is releasing acts such as underground icon, Harry Merry, singer/songwriter Justin Foulkes, as well as Los Angeles acts, Full Frontal, Peppermint Pumpkin and Treason, which is the newest band from ex-Centimeters artists, Greg Gomberg and Ray Day.

Magic Monster Radio is hosted by a variety of artists and musicians, who showcase a diversity of genres including goth, glam, psychedelic, new wave, and punk as well as other alternative styles such as art rock, indie rock, shoegaze, post punk, minimal, industrial, darkwave, and lo-fi.

The Radio Station features talk shows, live shows and radio shows as well as bizarrely themed shows, like a "Fairy Tale" show that plays darker music soundtracking a narrative and a show featuring only bird-themed music.

"I'm excited about the station and I'm really happy to be able to support and be part of a great creative and artistic community. That's inspiring for me" says Carisa Bianca Mellado on the launch of Magic Monster Radio.

Magic Monster is giving away a complementary downloadable CD that features a variety of music and Los Angeles-based acts for anyone who subscribes to the Magic Monster newsletter at the Magic Monster site (www.magicmonsterrecords.com), which will give people a taste of the label and the radio station.

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