Monday, April 11, 2011

Somthin' Else Man! Tony Adamo On

"It's midnight... there's still possibility in the air and energy in your bones... you grab your iPod to search for the right soundtrack... Tony Adamo's WHAT IS HIP? will be the one you want for such a soulful night. A richly sophisticated, musky collection of 13 intoxicating tracks. The former radio announcer turned Hollywood agent turned singer/songwriter has gathered together his original seductive tunes with some of his favorites including The Beatles "Eleanor Rigby," Randy Crawford's classic "Rio de Janeiro Blue" and of course the album's namesake, Tower of Power's "What Is Hip?" It's a raw, sexy and funky blast alluding to the past with a scintillating jazz sensibility that heats up the vibe intensely... the word ‘smoldering' comes to mind. Organic ingredients include A-listers Jerry Stucker, Steve Gadd, Neil Larsen, Freddie Washington and TOP's Doc Kupka. Jazz lovers and unique vocal aficionados who appreciate edgy and interesting voices like Lou Reed and Tom Waits' will dig what Tony's laying down here... hipness is what it is!" ~SANDY SHORE

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