Friday, March 19, 2010

Avenue Ty And Breezo Of Jersey Bounce Productions Release Video For Soundscan Charting Hip Hop Single "Snake Chama"


Denver based Jersey Bounce Productions has released the controversial video for the hit hip-hop single "Snake Chama" featuring Avenue Ty and Breezo. The erotically charged video features both Avenue Ty and Breezo as well as some of the hottest belly dancers in the world. Choreographed by Kaya and Sadie of prominent Groove du Mond, the video was filmed on location at the stunningly beautiful Great Sand Dunes National Monument in Alamosa. Weaving exotic Middle Eastern wardrobes, set design and the desert setting with underground hip-hop, Jersey Bounce Productions has created a video worthy of the underground hit single "Snake Chama".

The Snake Chama Video was released on March 1st on youtube and picked up over 20,000 views in the first 3 days. The video has also been released to 150 network and cable television music video shows and should begin airing in the next couple of weeks. The video has already drawn some controversy among the belly dancing community. Most of this controversy is aimed at the video's obvious sexuality and the erotic choreography performed by Kaya and Sadie of Groove du Mond.

About Jersey Bounce Productions

Jersey Bounce is a Full Spectrum Music production company who've worked with some of the best talent in the world including George Clinton, Bootsy, KRS-one, The P-Funk clan, and more. Based out of Denver, the Jersey Bounce team specializes in beats of all types and genres. The Jersey Bounce crew is supported by Disciples of Bass, the host band for the Bounce Lounge, Count D on drums, Timdizzle on guitar, Marco Boykins, and Chris Harris on Bass. The rest of the crew is; No Coast, Tony Rome, Avenue, Young Vito, and Cash.

About the Artists
Avenue Ty (Julius Williams)
Julius Williams, AKA Avenue Ty, was born into the street Hip- Hop culture of south-side Chicago and began writing lyrics at the age of twelve. After high school he hooked up with a few local producers, recording in the studio with other local rappers and singers—the studio being the main focus of Joe's career. His vocal style is smooth and laid back in the pocket—he is versatile and adapts to many different styles of production, working well with various producers and entertainers. Avenue Ty is scheduled to release a six-song EP with Jersey Bounce. Avenue Ty is currently finishing up his soon to be released EP with producers Timdizl and Count D of Jersey Bounce productions at Alley Studios in Denver, CO.

Breezo (Corey Cranford)
AKA Corey Cranford, Breezo grew up around a wide variety of music from spirituals to Blues to R&B to Opera. With both parents involved in all genres of music, Breezo couldn't help but get caught up in it. From a young age he participated in choirs, music theater, and other cultural activities that enhanced his talents as a rapper, singer, writer and dancer. While working on a radio, film and television major at Clark Atlanta University [CAU] '98 -'01, Breezo was able to hone his producing and rapping skills. In 2001, Breezo co-founded NoCoast Cliq, the premier rap group of Wichita, and has been the guiding force in taking the group to commendable success.

Check out the video here:

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