Monday, March 15, 2010

MXP4 Editor Software Allows Artists To Create "MAX IT" Enabled Interactive Music Singles And Album Web Apps


Paris, France - March 10, 2010 - MXP4, developer of interactive music solutions, today announced the official launch of the MXP4 Editor, postproduction software that to create MAX ITenabled interactive music applications. The MAX IT technology delivers dynamic, on-the-fly arrangements of music in one file that acts as an interactive single or album. The editor is being released for the Mac OS, with a PC version coming soon.

The MXP4 Editor works by importing the separate instrument tracks, which artists then can organize to create a MAX IT enabled interactive music app. The MAX IT technology takes the elements of individual songs and automatically re-combines them in hundreds of different ways each time the song is played
The song or album app is delivered as a single MXP4 file that also includes embedding and social media features designed to drive viral distribution of music as web apps. To date, artists usingMAX IT to create interactive, auto-remixing albums include Michael Jackson, The Bravery, Basement Jaxx, Passion Pit, The Grouch & Eligh and Pep's.

"Musicians are looking to more closely engage with fans by providing them with new music experiences and MAX IT delivers on that goal," said Albin Serviant, CEOof MXP4. By creating a new music listening experience with each play, fans will more closely engage with each music track and be converted from listeners into purchasers."

Recent MXP4 data showed that fans played with an average of 2.6 tracks for an average of 9.1 minutes on each MXP4-powered Web app. Fans also made heavy use of the built in viral tools with 75% of the traffic to the Web apps being of viral origin.

Play with Max It singles at

About MXP4

MXP4 develops interactive music solutions that are changing the music experience for consumers by allowing them to play with the music. MXP4 to engage more closely with consumers and enables the music industry to explore new revenue opportunities. The company founders and board members were previous senior executives of Musiwave, Vivendi Mobile Entertainment, EMIMusic and DivX. The company is backed by Sofinnova Partners and Ventech.

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