Thursday, March 11, 2010

MusicDish Presents: IN5 By Sekrett Scilensce

IN5 By Sekrett Scilensce

Sekrett Scilensce Associates has released the first single, "IN5," from the album The Rapman's Attire. This track has a catchy, thumping beat that is sure to be bouncing around in your head long after the song has finished. The song starts out filled with energy and enthusiasm and manages to transition effortlessly into a more subtle, laid-back tune.

The addition of electronics and sound effects gives this song a modern spin that offers something appealing to fans of all musical genres and stylings. "IN5" jumps back and forth through a pumping bass, smooth male and female vocals, electric guitars, and gripping horn solos. Sekrett Scilensce Associates has done an impressive job of spanning through best elements of jazz, rap, hip-hop, pop, dance, soul, and R&B within a mere few minutes.

* All music and vocal production plus performances are reported as composed and recorded by Sekrett Scilensce, who is also a collaborator on many other developments related to literary and video-game publishing.

The current scheduling for releases from “The Rapman’s Attire” are listed as “In5” (February 2010), “Whose Watching?” (March 2010) to be followed by “Control” (April 2010) and “The Wasteland” (May 2010); additional releases are listed into November but have been labeled for extended announcement after May 2010.


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