Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Adult Contemporary Singer Susan Barth Confirms March 23rd Release For Latest CD

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Adult Contemporary singer-songwriter Susan Barth has confirmed the March 23rd release of her latest album "Songs From The Suburbs". She notes, "It took me 5 years to record "Songs from the Suburbs." It wasn't at all planned the way the others were. I just woke up one morning with 16 songs and tried to whittle it down when I wrote and recorded the 17th track... which opens this album."

Clever songwriting and arrangement, catchy hooks and well laid out instrumental parts are a feature of this latest album from Susan Barth. The harmonies have been executed with taste. Each track on this album has its own charm. To sum up, the overall approach to Susan's songwriting is quite simple - The delivery of each song leaves the listener with a good feeling despite the actual theme. She delves into fantasy, real life characters and even indulges in some introspection. In other words, Susan draws you in with her songwriting charm.

Barth's songs cross musical genres, going from folk tunes like "Rainbows" to rock songs like "Perfect Storm," even throwing in some pop, which keeps her listeners on their toes in anticipation of what's coming next. The instrumentation on "Songs From The Suburbs" have been effectively arranged to complement Susan's vocal style. Elements of Folk, Jazz, World, and Renaissance have been infused with her retro 70's pop style. As Susan aptly puts it "For better or worse, this album may be the most reflective of me as a person."

Susan's first three CDs captured the attention of the music industry, earning accolades. Her songs have landed in the finals in numerous songwriting contests, including the UK Songwriting Contest, Billboard Songwriting Contest and Unisong Song Contest. Susan was named Runner Up for Songwriter of the Year in 2006 and 2007 by DIY, one of the most respected indie artist networks, which also chose "Wonderland" as the 2005 Runner Up for Album of the Year. Susan has also been awarded 7 ASCAP Songwriting Merit Awards over the last few years. Her track "Perfect Storm" is expected to make the semi-finals for the Unisong 2009 contest.


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