Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Iraq Suicide Bombers Are Not The Only Thing 'Blowing Up' In Baghdad: Could This U.S. Army Soldier Be The Next Hip Hop Phenom?

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Music: http://www.reverbnation.com/tunepak/2645195

MAY 09, 2010 (Baghdad, Iraq)

Everyone around the world knows that the United States Military is supporting the Iraqi Government as they rebuild their country. What everyone doesn't know is... What do the soldiers do in their free time (if they ever have any)? Some soldiers may do the occasional online class courses in order to get one step closer to their degree. Then, there's one soldier in particular that the only course he is on, is the course to 'Take Ova' the HipHop/Rap game. He is known in the United States Army as SPC Peltier (age 22), but when it comes to his music he likes to be called KPee. While in Iraq, KPee has put together his '6th Man' Mixtape (you can download it here http://tweetmysong.com/158tld ) and the newly released 'The Take Ova' album. (you can buy it here http://www.reverbnation.com/store/store/artist_779676?item_type= ) Although his tour in Iraq is almost coming to an end, we can only imagine what his plans are when he returns to the United States. "Aside from going on my trip to Las Vegas, I plan on really trying to get my music heard.. and not just in Iraq..." KPee states as he smiles. Take it from KPee, this just shows that anywhere in the world people can work towards making their dreams come true... even on the battlefield!

For further information contact Kendall Peltier (kpee44@yahoo.com)


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