Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Redneck Song To Be Perfomed At Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist Michael Desselle will perform his new singles "Low Tech Red Neck","Goin' Back To Tennessee" and "Thank a Soldier" at the upcoming Music Strategies event that is put on by Tim Sweeney, at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas. The event runs from June 3 - 6, 2010.

"I am excited to be going to Las Vegas and showcasing my new singles" said Michael Desselle during a recent recording session. "I have performed all over the Country and have toured Australia twice, however, I have never played Las Vegas and so this event will be another high point in my already incredible journey as a musician. Performing "Low Tech Red Neck" along with the other songs in Vegas is like a dream come true. This song has brought humor and laughter to everyone who has heard it." Concluded Michael.

"I am proud to be traveling with Mike to see him perform at Caesars, and I am looking forward to networking with other Industry Professionals, Talent Buyers, Publishers, Producers, Labels and Musicians." said Randall Ierna, of Ranluron Music, BMI. We have produced 5 full length CD's for Michael under the brand name "Molten Mike" and 4 of his CD's "Chameleon", "The Movie", "Genuine Bluesman" and "Blues Meltdown" were voted number 1 in 5 catagories at MP3TUNES. Michael has also received 19 awards and nominations including awards for "Best Songwriter" , "Best Entertainer", "Best Singer" and "Best Guitarist".
The new CD we are producing "I'm All In" will be all country and will feature 12 songs, 4 of which have already been released as singles.

"I am pleased to be traveling with Michael and Randall to Las Vegas" said Sparky Ierna, Michaels International Fan Club President. "Michael has really worked hard and I can feel great things coming out of this trip. I have been Michaels #1 Fan since 1999 and I will be developing a new strategy for his fans to be able to connect with him." concluded Sparky.

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To listen to Michael's music just go to www.digstation.com, I-tunes, fairtylizer, mp3tunes and many other download sites.

For more information on Tim Sweeney's Music Strategies go to www.timsweeney.com

DJ's can download Michaels music including his 4 new singles at www.Airplaydirect.com or at www.airplayaccess.com

Ranluron Music is interviewing Talent Agencies for Michael Deselle's next tour.

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