Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Noughts and Exes to Release Album Globally


Noughts and Exes is set to release their self-titled album to the US & Global Markets on December 1st. "Noughts and Exes" will be available through CD Baby, Amazon and iTunes with a special Cyber Monday launch. Noughts and Exes is the critically acclaimed indie folk rock band out of Hong Kong that TIME Magazine named one of the "Top 5 Bands to Watch" in 2011. Noughts and Exes is the brain child of Joshua Wong, who first started the band in its original incarnation in 2007. They went through several lineup changes and have settled on an eclectic international mix of talented musicians. Wong is originally from Australia and moved to Hong Kong at age 16 after visiting and being positively impacted by the culture. He started playing music a few years later at age 19 because he wanted to start a band that stayed around in the ever changing Hong Kong music scene. Noughts and Exes came to be in large part because the culturally diverse nature of the Indie music scene lends itself to the collaborative process.

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The current Noughts and Exes lineup consists of Joshua Wong, guitar/vocals (Australia), Gideon So, keyboard (Canada), Alex Bedwell, drums (UK), and Alix Farquhar, vocals/percussion/glockenspiel (UK). The essence of the band is truly an international mish mash - and it works beautifully. The band members all bring their own life experiences to the table and the Third Culture aspect of Hong Kong contributes almost as another voice. These four talents from all over the world converged in a city that is rich in Asian heritage and has a major Western influence - not wholly one or the other. The climate was ripe for Noughts and Exes to become a part of the growth and excitement of the Indie music scene; writing about their lives and cultural observations to tell stories of people all their own. Now they are sharing with the rest of the world.

"We have always wanted to get our music are wider international audience, firstly because we just believe in the music and would love to share with as many people as possible, but also because we really believe there is some great independent music coming out of Asia and are excited to share that with the rest of the world." (Joshua Wong)

Heart to Hearts
The band has indeed started reaching the rest of the world - their performance video "Hearts" was filmed in Hong Kong’s Times Square to showcase the Indie music scene. It was shot with the help of numerous other musicians and gives good insight into how a coming together of talents can work in the face of challenge. The piece was never meant to be a commentary on how public artistic expression is stifled in Hong Kong, but it has become just that, with over 70,000 hits on YouTube in the first week. The global launch of their new album ties in perfectly with the international point of view Noughts and Exes has. They know that telling stories of people has nothing to do with where you live - it’s all about reaching out across the miles and touching mankind.

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