Monday, June 24, 2013

Monteal's Francisco Cream Are Psyched To Continue As A Two Piece Band And Plan To Record A New Album

Canadian indie rock and folk band, Francisco Cream, drops down to a duo and reworks their sound in an effort to gain exposure and fans in the US. As they continue to promote their previous EP, the band will soon be hard at work on the follow-up.

Dateline: Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Friday, May 24, 2012. Francisco Cream might have been feeling like they were spreading themselves a little too thin when they slimmed down to a duo from a trio. That's OK, the band doesn't mind a little adversity. With the streamlined, two piece line-up, they immediately got busy incorporating the change into their existing sound and they're determined to gain more fans and exposure, especially in the US. They'd like their music to be exposed to more industry people. as well, as they make plans to record and release their next album.

Francisco Cream is Bea Keeler on guitar and vocals and Foster Marshall-Medeiros on percussion. Their music and playing styles are influenced by bands like White Denim, Laura Marling, Bombay Bicycle Club and The Static Jacks. They have been compared favorably to fellow Canadians, Tegan and Sara, although exact comparisons to other bands are hard to do with these two. Francisco Cream played Canadian Music Week in 2012 and have opened for well-known Canadian bands, In Medias Res, The Coppertone and Paper Lions. They've toured southwestern Ontario and won almost 30 hours of recording time by competing in battle of the bands.

Bea is the songwriter and lyricist of the group. She draws lyrical inspiration from her own life experiences of failed love and struggles with addiction and depression. "I sometimes find it challenging to write about things I don't know about because I want to make sure I don't sound like a phony," Bea says, "but it can be just as challenging writing about things you are very close to, because even if it's a common issue, a narrow point of view can impede the audience's understanding. It needs to be accessible for a wide range of listeners so they can relate to it."

The short-term goals of Francisco Cream, at least in the next three months, are to increase their fan base in the States and to start work on the next record. They plan to finish their next EP by the end of 2013. Their current EP, (simply and accurately titled "EP") is available for free on BandCamp and through Physical copies are available from the band for $5 at their live gigs.

You can check out YouTube for the band's videos "Summer Teaser" ( and "Intro/Brand Me" (

Their next show is tentatively scheduled for June 22 at the Skeleton Park Music Festival in Kingston, Ontario.

Francisco Cream has recently signed with (Wifi PR Group) as a client. Company Info: WiFi PR Group, Los Angeles, CA.

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