Sunday, September 28, 2014

Patrick Joseph's New Album 'Moon King'

Patrick Joseph hails from Pittsburgh, PA and honed his skills as a singer/songwriter in the local pub & club scene. With the desire & ambition to perfect his recordings, he moved to LA and recorded & produced his debut LP Antiques. This initial project was met with immediate success securing multiple placements in TV and film, including NBC's The Office, ABC's Happy Endings, CW's Gossip Girl, NBC's Chicago Fire MTV's Friendzone, FuseTV On Demand, and select tracks from the album featured in various feature films such as The Boys Of Abu Ghraib (2013) and Desecrated (2015).

Over the last several years, Patrick Joseph has played around the continent from the Sundance Film Festival, multiple appearances at SXSW Music Festival in Austin, TX, CE Cutting Edge Conference in New Orleans, to the NXNE Music Festival in Toronto, CA and CMJ in New York. Joseph has toured relentlessly during that span all over North America and Europe.


Pulling influences from Tom Waits to Radiohead to Elliott Smith, Joseph creates a collection of songs that compose an impressive soundscape, further demonstrating his skills as an important producer and songwriter in the indie singer/songwriter genre. Moon King was recorded and produced largely in a solo effort, but unlike his debut LP, Joseph recruited the talents of his touring band to help capture the sound and feel that makes up the beautiful chemistry of the recordings.


“I like the grit in his vocals and the songwriting is very strong. Nice to see that he gives as much thought to the lyrics as to the instrumentation. That he did this all himself

makes this doubly impressive.” -Doug Brod, editor, Spin Magazine

"He probably wrote a song about every feeling anyone has ever experienced — big or small, infamous or secret" -Seraphina, Buzz Bands LA

"The album includes "Arsonist Blues," a song that landed him an offer from Original Signal records and has him sounding like the grittier, spiritual successor to Jeff Buckley's throne."

-Angelo Lorenzo, The Deli Magazine

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