Friday, May 22, 2009

BMF Digital Releases Latest Stephen Michael Schwartz Album, When You Wish Upon A Song

Stephen’s claim to fame for the last twenty-five years is as member of the award-winning children’s performing group, Parachute Express. A group of three adult performers who write and produce original material for children and their families, Parachute Express is considered one of the finest in children’s entertainment, and was the first group to ever be signed to Walt Disney Records (Music Box Artist series). Stephen, as the primary writer for the group, has achieved many awards including First Place in the International Songwriting Festival.

Stephen’s latest album, When You Wish Upon a Song, is a collection of Disney songs that is loved by adults and children alike. “Imagine being set loose in a candy shop and told you can pick out any ten of your favorite sweets. What would you choose? That’s what this project was like for me. In this case, the ‘candy shop’ was the Disney music catalogue featuring some of the best-loved songs ever written,” says Stephen.

The album is a great addition to BFM’s already extensive catalogue of children’s music, and has just been released online.

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