Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Day Of The Outlaw - Truckstop Rockers Take On The World

It is rare for a band to take the essence of what makes it great on stage, distill it down in a studio, and come out the other end with a truly great album... But that is exactly what Day of the Outlaw has done.

It may be only a year old, but here is a band ready to shake up the rock world. It has been causing a stir on the live scene and now it is ready to unleash a landmark album...

Day Of The Outlaw has a refreshingly simple attitude: It makes music its members like and they want to hear.

However, there is nothing simplistic about the incendiary debut album, 'Black Mountain Majesty', that these four sons of Los Angeles have just produced.

The album is a blend of the very best elements of classic outlaw country music and the hard 70s rock that inspired much of their youth. Yet 'Black Mountain Majesty' is an album that gives so much more than the sum of its parts. It is not just a mix of great influences but something fresh and exciting in its own right.

Songs like the hard-living 'Truckin' Country', the dark and dramatic 'Confessor' and the more contemplative 'Lost and Broken' prove this is a band who cannot be pigeon-holed.

Listen To "Confessor"

The band's ability to cross genres with ease and the musicians' love of good music of whatever stripe has seen Day Of The Outlaw craft a sound uniquely its own. It is a sound that will appeal to metal-heads, country fans, indie kids and anyone who loves great songwriting.

From the alt country legends Steve Earle, John Prine and Townes Van Zandt to rock gods Led Zeppelin and Hendrix and through to contemporary artists like the Raconteurs, all these sounds can be found on 'Black Mountain Majesty', but there is also something new and exciting in the mix that marks Day Of the Outlaw as a band for the future.

And if any more proof were needed, one visit to a Day Of The Outlaw live show should convince even the most hardened skeptic this is a band ready to make a big name for themselves.

The sheer unbridled joy of both musicians and audience as Day Of The Outlaw churn out their unique brand of what they label 'Truckstop Rock' is rare to see amongst today's manufactured, plastic pop.

Frontman Stewart Eastham, guitarist Spurgeon Dunbar, bassist Burke Ericson and drummer Cosmo Jones clearly love what they do. And so do their fans. You can feel the passion for the music both on this incredible debut record and at any venue lucky enough to host their unique brand of musical mayhem.

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