Sunday, May 17, 2009

Juniper's Ron And Lisa Potter Announce Immediate Release Of New CD, Crazy Love

The new CD "Crazy Love" from Florida-based duo Juniper, is now available for purchase on the internet at itunes and amazon in addition to other selected sites.

The Crazy Love CD is a good reflection of music that comes from within. The vocals, performed by Lisa, create a sultry yet powerful sauce of sass and sex. "Lisa's performance is unique to each song," adds Eve Adams of ACM Records, Inc., their publisher and label. "Each song has its own voice and delivers a genuine experience."

Juniper vows that the Crazy Love project will turn you on to their music! Songs like "You Rock My World" and "Crazy Love" could certainly help keep everyone active. "Well, it works for the private workouts too!" Ron says with a grin, "I personally test each song before release into the wild." Songs like "Run Away" and "This Is My Job" feature a dreamy piano, while "Without You" and "Rejected" sure make it fun to tell someone off!

While Ron and Lisa would say they relate to the common folk, it's evident they both have a bent for the crazy. recently reviewed the new CD and had this to say: "Looking to stand apart from the crowd, Juniper has hit the mark. Unique in their Alt-pop, Industrial groove genre, they've developed a sound that can be definitely called their own. Completely self produced Juniper is the real deal. Indie to the end!"

To read more about Juniper and their new release, please visit and follow the links to purchase a piece of the craziness!

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