Thursday, March 4, 2010

An Alternate Universe Where The Rap Music Industry Is Bound By Secrecy And Conspiracy

O'Fallon, MO (Kuneo Koei) February 18th, 2010 - Sekrett Scilensce Associates (Kuneo Koei) is proud to announce the release of "IN5" the first single from the Rap/Hip-Hop album "The Rapman's Attire".
Below is the opening summary from the product-page:

* "Darkness bloomed beneath the border of trees along the two-lane blacktop, camouflaging the black sedans parked beneath. Two men stood nearby, speaking in the subdued and measured tones of men well versed in clandestine meetings. The larger of the two ground a cigarette out with the sole of his shoe. "I want him out of the race, if he wins; we lose control of the Senate."
The smaller man nodded. "What do you want me to tell the President?"
"Nothing…" the larger man said. "If he shows any signs of making trouble, remind him that he never really had any say anyway."
Does a shadow government exist? Have the powerful become the brokers of our existence, trading peace, war, and money to secure their positions?"

* All music and vocal production plus performances are reported as composed and recorded by Sekrett Scilensce, who is also a collaborator on many other developments related to literary and video-game publishing.

Alongside the rollouts of extended offerings under the MMP Publishing (Kuneo Koei) brand, Sekrett Scilensce states, "The Rapman's Attire" should not be viewed as a competitor to record-label and music-publisher catalogues.

"Listening pleasure is what we guarantee," composer and producer Sekrett Scilensce said. "We are honored and proud to serve Rap-music production with flavorings of classical, R&B, and electronic styling. In the end, bringing back the styles of Freestyle, New Jack Swing, and High-NRG with modern Hip-Hop is a blast."

The current scheduling for releases from "The Rapman's Attire" are listed as "In5" (February 2010), "Whose Watching?" (March 2010) to be followed by "Control" (April 2010) and "The Wasteland" (May 2010); additional releases are listed into November but have been labeled for extended announcement after May 2010.

Readers and listeners interested in learning more about "The Rapman's Attire" and "IN5" can visit the following webpage:
"I N 5" (The Rapman's Attire) [Single]
All materials are also reported as readily licensable for film, TV, and video-game productions.

About Kuneo Koei:
Kuneo Koei is a Publisher (and Developer) of creative writing productions and multi-genre music catalogues, primarily serving the libraries of MMP Publishing (creative writing brand) and Sekrett Scilensce Assoc. (music entertainment brand).

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