Sunday, April 19, 2009

MusicDishTV: IXTHEIS - Alles Meres

IXTHEIS is Greek rock/alternative band who made their musical breakthrough opening the Reamonn concert Thessaloniki. They followed that with their debut release "Einai Polla Ta Lefta..." in 2007. The video for song "Alles meres" (Other Days) speaks of how the losing of childhood innocence is killing hope. IXTHEIS tells us to stay in touch with the 'child in all of us' and look to the future for brighter days.

"Kai perimeno alles meres /
otan tha fygi to skotadi /
kati tha dihni na allazi /
kai tha 'houn hroma i skies"

"and I'm waiting for other days /
when the darkness will be gone /
something will seem to be changing /
and the shades will be coloured"

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