Thursday, October 8, 2009

First Ever Official LovEvolution Compilation CD

The 14 track compilation CD LovEvolution is a work of love indeed. The CD, which hit the streets on October 1, 2009, features original tracks from various internationally renowned Electronic Dance Music artists. The proceeds from sales of LovEvolution will be donated to the Beat University Electronic Music Scholarship Fund in San Francisco, the first ever of its kind in the United States.

The first track, "The Ice Dance" by Bachelors of Science is fast, frenzied, and has a vocal melody in the background. "So Far" by Miguel Migs is one that you immediately want to get up and dance to - it's definitely a "feel good song with a funky beat and a good vocal performance. "The Future Sound of Retro" by Lee Coombs is a 'do you want to go crazy boogying' number, while the "Art of Revolution" gives the album an infusion of reggae. "Pitch Bitch" has a nice beat, and I'm guessing that if you could hook this one up to a heart monitor, the graph would be all over the place. "Defcon" has a futuristic sound to it, while "Sassy Frass" by DRC and DJ Denise has more of a New York club vibe.

"Cheer Up" will get your head bopping and booty shaking and I loved the keyboards on this little number. "Santiago" by Stoneface and Terminal and, "Phenomenon" by Deep Voices are classic electronic tracks, with the latter having a strong drum beat and electronic vocals. Christopher Lawrence's "Continuation" makes you want to do just that - continue listening to it. But, with LovEvolution, you have to keep on going. The CD ends with "Dub Divider" by Chromatone, "The Awakening" by Dissolve aka Liam Shy, and my personal favorite, "Spaceman."

All in all, LovEvolution is a solid CD from experienced artists. It's for a good cause, and it's for a good time. Enjoy!

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