Monday, December 19, 2011

Old School And Modern Hip Hop Fusion From 7even's Hip Hop Album Release

7even was raised in Dallas, Texas. At a young age he was influenced by Hip Hop and started expressing himself through music. This passion for music was created from the pain the he endure as a child. It all led him to what he's become today with the help of artists' influences such as UGK, Scarface, Outcast, Tupac, Biggie, Public Enemy to Nas KRS to E-40 and Jay-Z. The bigger their influence the more he studied them. His belief is 'what doesn't kill you will make you stronger'.

7even, the artist began in 1993. He used to belong to a group called SAP. He used the word 007 which meant he was the James Bond of the ghetto. That name stuck and now everyone knows who 7even is.

7even is set to release his newest project titled "The Uprise of 7even". In this CD, 7even takes us on a journey from a humble beginning and tells the story of the rise to fame and fortune. Even though he shows the glamorous side, 7even never forgets his humble beginning keeping him grounded to his roots. He shows audiences his true self – no gimmicks – no fiction. "I think it's important to show the listeners your true self. As for me, I have always been a character and everyone that knows me knows that. I can turn any situation into a good one", states 7even.

The lead single off of this CD is titled "Hey Girl". This phrase is a comfortable way of getting the girl's attention without showing disrespect. The stage is set in Miami Beach. All of the women are walking with their sexy swagger while 7even sits in a lounge area having a drink. He watches and begins to really notice how good they look. He shouts out, "Hey, girl. You need to holla at me with your fine self". This song is a fun upbeat and sexy with a cool mix of singing and rapping. The rhythm is hot, vocals are outstanding. It's a great hip hop song. This is the way it's done. All the songs flow beautifully including the contents of the CD with "Hey Girl" being the first track.

7even is always looking to better himself. He looks at idols such as Michael Jackson to help him stay on track, stay focused and driven. He evolves both personally and professionally. He will take a song and make three variations of it for different audiences. He is also keeping up with new technology along with standing by the true and trusted ways. He is a consummate professional and a force to reckon with. He's always testing his own boundaries in production, editing, mixing, recording and delivery securing his place in hip hop history.

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