Monday, December 5, 2011

MusicDishTV Presents "By The End Of" by Dead Smiling Pirates

Denmark natives Dead Smiling Pirates went for a more meaningful message this time around with their video for their new single, "By The End Of". The band has forgone any screen time to try and send a message about the pain of war and the trials of a soldier. Which at the moment is timely for so many people around the world.

Sounding very much like one of their influences, Blink 182, it could be said that Dead Smiling Pirates finds a way to sound like nineties pop-punk while staying current with vocal harmonies and interesting riffs from their other influence, Muse.

One of the more impressive sections of the video is a ten second sequence within the footage, where the cuts are in time with the music. The segment is probably the most hard hitting and resonant of the video. The video is mostly longer lingering clips showing war and injury, with Iwo Jima footage giving a gritty portrayal with a somewhat eerie feeling of anticipation building. Towards something else, towards a bigger conflict, a more graphic or dramatic scene, and as the video goes on it get slightly darker, showing a few of the dead men on the beach the music then goes in "for the kill" to drive home the message.

The band has a very connected sound, they make sense together, cleverly pairings of influences and chords, results in a solid sound, and the visuals are interesting, it seems that the viewer may want more from the band by the end.


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