Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cold Days In NashHell - Anti Fest In Music City USA

3 Days of Music Hell! Come Play, Nightly parties: Pajama & Polar Bear Party with Tommy Barnes Gong Show! Education, Mentoring, Map Hunts, Ouija Board co writing, Garage Sale & more. Come have a near music death experience! Bring your Ex to make it especially hellish! Free Snowballs in NashHell throughout the event. February 3, 4 & 5, 2012. Friday-Sunday 10:30am-Till? on the 1st & 2nd floors of the Music Row Best Western.

Come play scheduled on a Stage or at the all night Guillotine Sing Ring. Can you cut it? Nightly parties include the Zombie Pajama Party, Polar Bear Party and Tommy Barnes Gong & Bong Show! The will be education and mentoring by those that have been thru NashHell so you don't have to. Between Puzzle Map Hunts for music charms and spells to escape NashHell, Ouija Board co writing sessions and a Music Row Garage Sale you will have a devilish good time.

Why go to NashHell before it freezes over? Well, being negative isn't necessarily a bad thing there. NashHell is full of moaning. You complain, we answer. Let's hear your personal observations and get you motivated toward positive solutions. We'll listen, give you a reason why and possible work a round's to keep you out of NashHell. We help solve problems one on one. So, whether it is to learn, find out consumer habits in the market or how to change with the industry, we can help guide you into the light.

Parties every nite! Gather Saturday evening for the Zombie Pajama Party. Snack and dance to the music. Hot Cocoa and BYOB. Get your pajamas on and come looking like a Zombie from NashHell! Or attend the Polar Bear Party Friday night and freeze to death waiting for a record deal! Gather by the shark tank near the pool side area of the Best Western and Bob for apples or participate in other cold weather dares. Or become the devils advocate Sunday eve as Tommy Barnes host his Gong & Bong Show. Participants will perform and either be sent abruptly to purgatory or pass on into paradise.

Come meet other music minions from the past, present and future of NashHell! Talk to people who are stuck here for eternity and share ideas on over 25 topics! Follow our music Spirit Guides one on one in the specialty rooms & group classes. Bring your careers and overall works to be reviewed and evaluated. Go to other individual areas like Recording, Publishing, Plugging, Legal, Records, Duplication, Distribution, Radio/Video Broadcasting, Shop, Management, Promotions and Productions for all three days! Have your music future foretold as Oracles pour over the strengths and weaknesses of your vision. Also attend group classes Saturday and Sunday held in the great pit. Group instruction for Saturday includes Guitar Workshops, How to Navigate the Maze of Music, How To Start & Maintain A Publishing Company, the Politics of Getting a Song Cut and 1000 Songwriting Ideas!

Join in the Puzzle Map Hunt for music charms, keys and spells to use in surviving NashHell. Follow the clues and win prizes! Given a map you must collect charms and spells placed in the abyss. Follow the hints and gain power to survive NashHell. Collect a certain level of protection and to earn prizes. It's musically educational as well as entertaining. Participate at your leisure through the festival.

At our Music Row Garage Sale you can bring your organs or other music related items to sell. Anything musically related can be placed up for sale. Items will be added and subtracted throughout the weekend as Fest goers arrive and buy or place new products., a Tennessee not for profit, will monitor your deals in exchange for a contribution of sales.

There will be Ouija Board co writing areas. Come contact writers in NashHell to learn their secrets or spell out a great hook at the Co writers Corner. Connect with the Co writer from Hell with your blood curdling ideas. Drop your CD's off at the Publisher Room where your music could be pronounced, "Dead On Arrival!"

Badge holders automatically step into the light of the Independent Music Association. Utilizing the spirit of ingenuity, the IMA inspires, motivates & increases productivity from whatever level you may come from. Creating opportunity with the tools each of us has, doing the best with what you've got, all working within the conditions each of us lives. So sharpen your sword.

Registration is Open. Join NashHell's Black List. Badges are all inclusive to participate in ALL performance opportunities, parties, specialty music rooms, group classes and IMA membership. Look into the precipice and visit for more info. Call 615-424-1491 or email for more details.

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