Friday, July 31, 2015

825 Records Releases Kerchief's Debut Album "Machines And Animals"

Following a single release paired with immediate regional touring and press, radio, and TV broadcast exposure comes Kerchief's highly anticipated debut LP "Machines and Animals," available on digital outlets worldwide today.

The success of the album's lead single "Milk & Honey" started swiftly upon its release shortly after Kerchief's debut at SXSW 2015. The in-studio music video premiered on THECOOLTV Network across the United States while internet, indie, and college radio followed suit, consequently obtaining an official CMJ Chart add and a consistent rotation throughout the summer. Press from print magazines such as Music Connection and indie blogs across the web spread the news about the former Vanity Theft guitarist/singer's new venture. The support from all angles is strengthened by a pre-existing fan base accept- ing Britt Hill's new project with open arms and packing clubs from Tennessee to Chicago, everywhere around, and in between.

With ten songs tracked within seven days in Brooklyn, NY, in September of 2014, “Machines & Animals” offers tracks that expertly weave Hill’s smooth voice with the edge of her songwriting and lyrics. Guitar riffs bite into bass lines that ebb and flow with emotional vocals, taking inspiration from a personal journey. Heavy drum beats and layered guitars articulate the feelings behind stories of the pursuit of finding a purpose in life’s daily struggles, reflecting an evident influence from ‘90s alternative rock.

Producer Matty Amendola knew working with Kerchief would be a perfect fit as soon as he heard her demos. Working closely with engineer and Grammy Award winner Butch Jones, he created a sound that would bring Kerchief’s debut album to life. Shortly after, Kerchief signed an artist development and distribution agreement with Amendola's music incubator, 825 Records.

Recent reviews have also added, "Her musical influences are more urban than, say, Ani DiFranco, but she has the same strength of character" (The Blues Bunny) as well as comparisons such as "Arcade Fire- meets-PJ Harvey" (Tunes Digest) and succinct statements such as "Hill’s music reflects a long and sto- ried personal journey that hits with force and leaves the mind in a haze of personality" (Richard Lyne - Appetizer Radio).

Kerchief can be seen during the next few months around the South with a regular show schedule, but has been announced to be headlining The Cutting Room in NYC on August 29th. She'll be backed by special guests bassist Michael MacIvor (Candiria) and producer Matty Amendola on drums.

Advanced tickets are available now via Ticketfly and come with a free CD. 347.240.5417

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