Monday, July 27, 2015

LEVI & SUISS Reveal New Track 'Silver Bullet' Featuring SHOVAL & LIGOS

'Silver Bullet' Joy Records

Every so often an act arises that gets everyone talking, and so enter LEVI & SUISS.

LEVI & SUISS are two Israeli musicians who enjoy goofing around and making sweet-sounding electronic music.

Blog readers might be familiar with them – they've been releasing a steady supply of new music via their SoundCloud page for quite some time now. This includes a host of exciting collaborations, some tireless classics and their top 5 Beatport Electronic music chart success with "SMFF".

Off the back of a successful 12-month period, they have continued to work hard in the studio with some very talented artists.

'Silver Bullet' is the latest track to be revealed. A sweet, deep jam which features Australia's Shoval & Ligos.

Fittingly the track was released via Levi & Suiss' own label Joy Records on the 30th June. Levi & Suiss are on a steady rise, with over 3,200 SoundCloud followers and hundreds of thousands plays!

With 'Silver Bullet", they get their summer started.


Snapchat: LeviAndSuiss
Official Site:

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