Monday, July 27, 2015

Cashavelly Morrison Releases Second Single 'Long-Haired Mare'

Americana folk singer and songwriter Cashavelly Morrison has released her second single "Pink Dress" available at:

The song continues to explore similar themes to her first single "Long-Haired Mare", released in June. "Pink Dress" is a melancholic and soft ballad with a lot of tenderness, perfectly illustrating the ideas behind the lyrics, which deal with feelings of powerlessness and oppression towards women.

According to Morrison, it tells a story about how victimization curtails the freedom of the narrator in the song, thus exploring themes of gender roles and how women are silenced. However, she believes that there is love, innocence, and deep sadness beneath these issues, and if boldly confronted and spoken, there is exponential strength to them.

Cashavelly Morrison is currently working on her debut album The Kingdom Belongs to a Child, which will be out in September.

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