Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Colourz Releases Remixes Of Its Debut Track "Selcouth"

Progressive house duo Colourz has released two remixes of their debut single "Selcouth", which was released in April 2015. The remixes were produced by Abandoned and The Robots Are Coming; both use broad and exciting soundscapes set against a backdrop of monstrous beats, creating diverse and ambitious tracks. The tracks bring out the layered nature of Colourz’s Cinematica genre.

The Abandoned remix is dramatic and heavy, pushing into interesting dynamics by focusing on the choral parts. The Robots Are Coming remix, on the other hand, begins with a mysterious introduction dissolving into an active pulse guided by sounds of melodic flute and organ. They each develop and also highlight the epic and cinematic sound of the original song. Abandoned and The Robots Are Coming remixes are available here respectively:

Colourz is composed of Taylin Simmonds and Jared Waldroff, based in Kelowna, British Columbia. The remixes were released on Blue Label Records, an innovative record label with the goal of bringing new, innovative music to the masses, also based in Kelowna.



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