Sunday, December 13, 2015

Amy Kress Releases Single And Music Video Through Secret House Show Experience

After her celebrated debut album release of "Secret Music" in January of 2015, Amy Kress has returned almost a year later with new music and is now releasing "Iceland". This is her long-awaited single and music video from her sophomore album titled, "Fly" – a project whose creation served as a form of therapy and healing for Kress during cancer treatment.

The video was shot under a full moon on a warm summer night this past August where Kress invited friends and fans to her home for a "Secret House Show." Guests were led into Amy's backyard, illuminated by over 6,000 lights and were invited to relax in one of over a dozen couches moved in for the occasion.

Kress credits a friend as inspiration for the song, "When my friend booked a trip to Iceland in January for her and her boyfriend, I couldn't imagine what she was thinking but then she explained she just wanted to be curled up warm in his arms while a cold dark winter raged on outside. The reasoning behind that trip seemed so deeply romantic and Iceland was an easy song to write from there."

Watch as the night unfolds in Amy's new music video "Iceland." Watch the video on YouTube here:

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