Thursday, December 17, 2015

Harry Mindgame feat Mr Mentz 'Love Life'

Music Video:

'Love Life' is a joint collaboration between DJ and Producer, Harry Mindgame and rapper Mr Mentz. This project will be part of an EP followed by an album in a quick minute.

'Love Life' weaves an addictive story of life in London. The challenges people face on the daily and of the unwaivering desire to keep your dreams alive and continue to strive and never give up, if you want to achieve success in what you want to do; something we should ALL never get tired of hearing…

Harry Mindgame is name that's synonymous in the UK Underground Hip Hop scene. DJing since the age of 15, before delving into the art of Beatmaking and promoting parties to showcase both his talent and that of his peers, for almost as long. As a youngster in the game, the Sampler and the TR808 Drum machine were the mediums he felt most at home with. He stuck with it over the years, upgrading in knowledge and equipment consistently bringing his music to the people in the best way he knew how;

On time and on point…

and this tough release called 'Love Life' is no exception to that rule…

Long time Emcee Mr Mentz's flow is a smooth symbiosis of rhythm and metaphor that is remisent of classic outfits like Camp Lo, Souls of Michief and early Outkast. Intelligent verses with that laid back swagger of Golden era mid-90s Rap, delivered with a modern, quintissentially British twist.

A prolific writer and Artist, he paints a vivid picture of the modern urban landscape. A detailed and thorough portrayal of the world he sees, through his lyrics.

Harry Mindgame and Mr Mentz have definitely done their Hip Hop homework on this one…

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