Monday, December 7, 2009 Brand New Site For Emerging Artists


Sounds2Buy is a professional platform for musicians whose music is available for downloading at competitive prices.

Sounds2Buy offers the possibility for signed, unsigned and independent artists to sell their music and be heard by thousands of people over the internet.

Artist/Bands can now enjoy an easy-to-use website with a great design that will help them promote themselves in the big world of music. Many genres of music will be added to our music category page, ranging from Hip Hop to Classical music. will cover a wide range of music that will cater for any types of musical taste.

We also offer the possibility for people to create their own Home-Based Business by joining our great team of Sounds2Buy Agents. By giving their promotional codes to artist and advertisers, agents will receive a commission of 25% of each completed transaction.

The agent's role will consist of recruiting Photographers, Music Managers, Image Editors, Video Makers, Music Publishers, Recording Studios, Music Shops and many more!

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