Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ylotana - Dance For The Snow Queen


The music revolution has begun and its name is Ylotana. With a totally new and unique concept to branch from, this electro fusion band is known for its infectious grooves and ground breaking 4D entertainment hybrids.

Taking music, graphic art, animation, video and literature this multimedia group combines artistic disciplines in a way that seamlessly flows together, offering a never before seen multidimensional encounter.

With Anatoly Podkopov at the helm, it is little wonder! This savvy former businessman left behind a hugely successful company in pursuit of his musical goals, and thankfully, his gamble paid off. To date, he heads a group of talented DJ's, musicians, sound engineers, visual artists and writers who enthusiastically bring his artistic vision to life.

What is most exciting about this music/art fusion is that it not only feeds the mind, it replenishes the soul. Dance for the Snow Queen is a prime example of this enrichment, as it is one of five short storylines that embody five individual projects within Ylotana.

The underlying idea of Dance for the Snow Queen is the concept of disillusionment that can occur in adult romance. The music that accompanies the piece echoes the sentiment luring you into a dark decadent world of whirling melodies and beats.

One cannot help but get caught up in the message behind the music, indeed, the Ylotana experience could very well serve to educate as well as enthrall.

Intrigued? The pick up an Ylotana CD today. The music is exquisitely packaged in a digipack format and is also accessible via digital download through over 250 online retailers.

Visit to get a taste of what this innovative team has to offer before they begin to take the world by storm.

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