Thursday, December 10, 2009 Review: Bethany & Rufus - 900 Miles


Watch the video on YouTube: Bethany & Rufus - 900 Miles (Music Video)

We are always enchanted by artists who can take an instrument out of predictable context and create a whole new way of looking at its function. This is also significant to mandolinists who seek to push the boundaries of its capabilities, and more traditional roles.

We found some great out-of-the box thinking and musical inspiration in this video from minimalists Bethany & Rufus, in their interpretation of the folk classic, Nine Hundred Miles. Bethany Yarrow, daughter of Peter Yarrow of folk legends Peter, Paul & Mary, is joined by ground-breaking cellist Rufus Cappodicia in this enthralling performance. We've enjoyed researching their other CD discography and YouTube entries.

We haven't figured out whether to label this "Techno Cello" or "Folk Trance." Nonetheless, it's terrific.

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