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Stevie Hawkins Wins Awards At 5th Annual Indie Music Awards - Los Angeles

Independent artists and songwriters, VIP guests, and personnel in the radio, film and television industries from around the world gathered for the indie music happening of the year, the 5th Annual Indie Music Channel Awards red carpet event at the legendary Grammy Museum in Los Angeles, April 24th, 2016.

The presentation of the awards was conducted on the stage of Clive Davis Theater inside the Grammy Museum, where Indie Music Channel artists gave dynamic performances.

Emphasis Records artist Stevie Hawkins, prevailed triumphant in two award categories, "Best Live R&B Performance" and "Best Live Blues Performance". Sharing the award for the R&B performance award are Victor Orlando, Grammy nominated percussionist to the stars and Miles Grayson, visionary producer-arranger-composer and pianist.

The Hawkins, Orlando and Grayson R&B accolade was garnered from their outstanding concert performance at the Avalon Theater in Hollywood for the 23rd Annual Los Angeles Music Awards and Hollywood F.A.M.E. Awards mass media, press event and show. On the night, Hawkins, Orlando and Grayson rendered an exciting and energetic rendition of the indie hit "Bam", from Hawkins critically acclaimed award-winning album "What The Funk?”, written by Charlotte Hannon and Stevie Hawkins. Watch the award video:

Hawkins' blues award win is for a song titled "Tribute To James Brown", recorded live in Atlanta, GA, written, arranged, performed and produced by Hawkins. The live performance captures Hawkins keeping soulful Rhythm & Blues alive by rendering a powerful heartfelt tribute to the incomparable Mr. James Brown. Hawkins and his band pay bone-deep homage to Brown's musical riffs, vocalizations, songs, audience participation, and social consciousness. When watching the accompanying video to the song, it is rather amazing to see Mr. Brown and his band dancing and grooving to Hawkins beat on drums and the rhythmic foundation churned out his band. It is truly a remarkable visual conveyance of the fluid authenticity of Brown's groove that was captured and performed by Hawkins and company. Watch the award and tribute video:

When asked about his thoughts surrounding winning the awards, Hawkins conveyed, "This is the first time ever receiving awards for live performances and I am very proud of them. I'd like to extend sincere thanks to Mr. Christopher Ewing and the Indie Music Channel judges for the honor and recognition. Gracious thanks also to Mr. Miles Grayson for representing me at the IMC awards event. I am so honored to have had the opportunity to perform with Victor Orlando and Miles Grayson, and to win the award for Best Live R&B Performance with them as well. They are extremely talented individuals, wonderful caring people, and I thank them both for their friendship and for giving their all during our performance together at the Avalon Theater concert. The Blues award for "Tribute To James Brown" is an amazing and very special accolade to have the honor of being the recipient, due the source of the performance and its inspiration. James Brown was a visionary, an explorer, a pioneer, and is among the small elite group of the greatest artists, songwriters and entertainers of all time. He was a man who believed in himself and would never take no for an answer. He broke all the rules of music theory and structure, and by that, set new boundaries creating his own, the Brown theory. He heard musical riffs, melodies, grooves and orchestrations in his head, and conveyed those to his band, even though oftentimes the band didn't believe his ideas would work. However the concepts did work, and his music and legacy has proved just such. Not only did he give the world the gift of his music, but he also advocated for education and the betterment of society as a whole. Mr. Brown has been an inspiration to me for decades, and I am honored to have received an award by honoring him with my tribute song. I am in hopes that the video I put together for the song will be received in the light of a sincere tribute to Mr. Brown, because that's what it is. If in some way I can contribute to carrying his music and legacy forward, that is what I will do. May God be with you all."

The event was hosted and presented by Christopher Ewing, Emmy Award winning TV host, actor, model, and Indie Music Channel founder. As an actor, Ewing has appeared on such top rated shows as "All My Children", "One Life to Live" and others, plus over 80 radio & T.V. commercials. He has also been the narrator and /or spokesperson in countless industrial films for General Motors, IBM and many others.

Further nominees associated with Hawkins' creative team in the 5th Annual Indie Music Channel Awards were accomplished lyricist, Charlotte Hannon, who earned four "Best Song" nominations in the categories of Americana, Blues, Easy Listening and R&B. Irish recording artist and songwriter, John Breen, received a "Best Song" nomination in the Americana category along with Tim Crouch, a famed musician, songwriter and producer.

Emphasis Records managing director, Tom Stevens said, "Congratulations to Stevie Hawkins, Victor Orlando and Miles Grayson on your win at the Indie Music Channel Awards. I also congratulate the creatives of our label roster and music publishing division on their nominations. These individuals work hard at their craft, maintain a bar of creative excellence, an enthusiastic attitude, and render superlative works of lyrical and musical art. These individuals are a prime example of persistence, determination, and holding on to the dream. They are all winners in my book."

In the 1st Annual Indie Music Channel Awards Hollywood, Hawkins won the award for Best Blues Male Artist.

Stevie Hawkins' incredible career spans over 40 years as an artist, songwriter and producer, as well as playing drums for a variety of national and international recording artists. In very recent years, his musical works has garnered eight awards, global radio airplay, and sync licensing deals. He shows no sign of slowing down.

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