Saturday, August 11, 2012

ALO Drink Collaborates With Mikronesia To Launch ALOtones—Adds Music Inside Every Drink Flavor

Today announces the official launch of ALOtones™, an electronic music album inspired by the flavors inside every ALO Drink. It spans the genres from ambient soundscapes to experimental pop music. ALO Drink collaborated with Philadelphia-based musician/composer Mikronesia to produce the original tracks and compilation album, giving the composer each of the eight flavors to draw inspiration from.

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“Each drink with its exploding colors, rich flavors and the simply beautiful text describing each flavor from Magma created a rush of sonic idea in my head about how to emote each drink with a unique sound”, said Mikronesia. Every track is inspired by the different natural ingredients mixed with pure aloe vera juice and pulp. After tasting each drink, Mikronesia composed the scores for each flavor, letting the different notes of the beverage influence the music.

“I never experienced a beverage like this [ALO Exposed], with so much texture and richness.”, Mikronesia said. When asked about his approach to the track New Leaf, he said, “The second section of the song has simple melody on the piano mixed with introspective synthesizer sounds that offers the listener this glimpse of being overwhelmed with texture and raw experience.”

“ALOtones reflect the tones of flavor found inside of our drinks.” said Henry Chen, President, ALO Drink. “Music has become our latest ingredient.”

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Consumers can access their drink’s ALOtone by scanning a custom QR-Code printed on every ALO Drink bottle. From there, they can listen, download, or share their flavor’s track. Furthermore, consumers can enter UPC codes to unlock and download even more music. ALOtones can also be streamed for free on Facebook.

Agency Magma, ALO Drink’s Agency of Record, created and developed the new packaging and ALOtones concept. “We wanted to impact the brand in a transformative way. The goal is to grow the brand from a natural foods niche towards a wider, more mainstream conversation—through music.”, said Michael Ferrare, Founder, Agency Magma.

“We’re building a brand around positivity—using music as a social connector.” said Ferrare. ‘Sip. Listen. Share.’ is our new call to action. Sharing music through social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) is a very common, even daily activity for people today. In fact, it represents a large majority of our overall social activity. So naturally, we allow ALO Drink customers to share or ‘Give Good Vibes’ to their friends, for free.”

Michael McDermott, aka Mikronesia, is a Philadelphia-based composer, producer and sound artist. He has studied computer science, composition, piano and mathematics at Philadelphia University and Berklee College of Music.

Agency Magma is a New York City-based advertising, media, and creative content agency that helps brands explore new and innovative marketing approaches. Current and past clients include: Uniqlo Clothing, New York’s Laguardia Airport, Mini Cooper, Method Home, Toyota, ALO Drink, Volkswagen, Virgin Atlantic, NYC Central Park, Well & Being, Hendrick’s Gin, and more. Visit for more.

ALO Drink, a division of SPI West Port, was established in 2009. Already the #1 ready-to-drink aloe vera beverage in the U.S. natural market, it is among the top ten in the functional drink category. ALO was awarded the 2010 BevStar Bronze Award in the Functional/New Age drink category by Beverage World magazine and a Silver Finalist for Best Cold Beverage at the 2010 sofi™ Awards from the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade and the 2011 InterBev Beverage Innovation Award for Best Natural Functional Drink. Visit for more information.

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