Monday, August 6, 2012

DIY Music® Introduces The New Interactive Social App, A Simple And Powerful Social Commerce Tool Designed For Musicians And Record Labels

DIY Music, a division of DIY Media, Inc, unveiled their improved social commerce platform designed exclusively for musicians and record labels. DIY Music’s thoughtfully designed social commerce platform gives artists the fast track to building a fan base and making their passion profitable.
With DIY Music’s enhanced platform, fans can listen to music, share videos, buy music directly from a Facebook post, tweet or online ad. It allows artists to create content-rich social media storefront campaigns, begin finding new fans, and selling their music within a matter of minutes.
DIY Music’s platform works seamlessly on Facebook’s Timeline and News Feed, Twitter, Tumblr and other blog formats, giving fans the ability to discover new music and the opportunity to share the rich media experience with their friends, without getting lost in redirects.
“Our platform improves the bond between artist and fan. Bands and artists are able to give their fans a rich media experience and in turn collect clear analytics. The result is a more direct path to building a fan base and the increased capability to convert fans into buyers,” said David Robb, DIY Media’s CEO. “Simply put, DIY’s direct-click philosophy is changing the way music is sold, shared and enjoyed!”
DIY Music’s platform’s functionality allows artists to:

● Promote and sell songs, albums and entire catalogs through a single campaign.
● Increase social engagement by directly embedding video and audio into the campaign.
● Grow their mailing lists in exchange for free tracks or downloads.
● Gather valuable analytics driven by the campaign and made accessible through the DIY Dashboard.

DIY Music is focused on helping artists and bands to maximize their social media presence.
DIY Music’s current partners include SoundCloud, The Orchard, IRIS, BFM Digital, Audiosocket, and many indie artists. Current users have already uploaded hundreds of thousands of tracks that are ready to sell on Facebook and other social networks.
To learn more, go to

For media inquiries, please contact DIY Media at or 206.623.4948.

DIY Media is a technology company dedicated to providing simple online marketing solutions to regional and global industries. We have the vision of empowering people to reach out to their customers in the easiest way possible through social networks. Using easy-to-build customizable storefronts and sales tools, our platform can help grow your business and share your content.

DIY Media was formed as DIY Music in 2006 as a social commerce platform for indie artists and recording labels. The company is based in Seattle with offices in Charlotte and Kolkata, India.

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