Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lachi & Meridan Gold Get VEVO Page, 300k Hits In A Month!

Lachi and The Meridan Gold are on a roll, scoring not only a VEVO video placement, but also scoring over 300,000 hits on their single “Bug Out” in less than a month!

This is no small feat, as VEVO is a platform solely for major label acts, Lachi is definitely a standout being unsigned!

This is just another accolade to Lachi, having been interviewed on the Oprah Network, to opening for Patti Labelle!

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Watch the music video for “Bug Out” here -

About Lachi & Meridan Gold
The multi-talented singer/songwriter and band takes music to the next level with anthemic tunes, an affirmative celebration of life driven by soaring, instantly catchy hooks. It exhorts listeners to accept others; to live, and to love life. Her eclectic tracks deliver bright pop melodies, driven by phat rock guitar riffs, touches of funk and electro, and a hint of ska which showcase Lachi's powerful vocals.
Much of Lachi’s accolades comes from her superb skills as a songwriter. Her lyrics stem from her past and current experiences as a young legally blind black girl into rock music. Her musical influences come from a myriad of sources: Beetthoven, Radiohead, Bjork, Yanni, Ella Fitzgerald, The Beatles and Fiona Apple.

Lachi's unerring talent for consistently exceptional songwriting and mesmerizing, stellar performance has landed her on the CW Morning News, Oprah Radio, The Onion/AV, The Deli Magazine, and a host of others along with Major/commercial online, TV and radio airplay. The band has opened up for national and international acts, and has performed high-energy, impassioned performances at such festivals as SxSW, the CMJ Music Marathon and many other fests, conferences, colleges, and world-class venues.

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