Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Music Collective Releases Official Soundtrack For Hallmark Channel’s First-Ever Movie Musical Drama, "The Music Teacher"

The Music Collective, a full-service music production company created by Alan Ett Music Group, is releasing the official soundtrack to Hallmark Channel’s new and first-ever movie musical drama, “The Music Teacher,” on August 7. The soundtrack will be available via digital distributor BFM Digital on all digital music services.

“The Music Teacher” stars Emmy® and Golden Globe® Award nominee Annie Potts (“GCB,” “Designing Women,” “Ghostbusters”) and Emmy® Award winner Richard Thomas (“The Waltons”), and has its World Premiere on Hallmark Channel, Saturday, August 11 (9 p.m. ET/PT, 8C). “The Music Teacher” features 8 original songs all produced and written by Alan Ett and four tracks from the score, and is a Front Street Pictures Production in association with Axelrod/Ett Productions.

Alan Ett is an accomplished musician with a Masters in Music from the New England Conservatory of Music, and has composed scores for thousands of television shows beginning with “Who’s The Boss” and “Married With Children” to “Modern Marvels” and Forensic Files.”

“The Music Teacher was an amazing opportunity to create a show with a vitally important message about the importance of our teachers to us both individually and as a culture,” says Alan. He continues, “The musical challenges were immense as we created a full on Broadway style musical as well as scoring the movie and I congratulate the incredibly talented group of people who worked on this with me. I believe we succeeded to the highest artistic levels in all areas. A rare opportunity to do a rare project."

About “The Music Teacher”
In Kansas City, Alyson Daley (Potts) is a high school music teacher whose after school program has taught dozens of students how to sing while gaining confidence to build bright futures. Alyson has dedicated herself to changing her student’s lives for the better, a mission she began sixteen years ago when a tragic accident caused the deaths of her husband and son. Mourning the loss alone, Alyson used the program as distraction, but is now devastated again when district budget cuts threaten to cancel the program for good. Hearing the news, her first class of student decided to reunite to put on a show-stopping musical to raise money and keep the program album. Now adults, the cast and former friends look back on the lessons they learned as troubled high school student from Ms. Daley. As they rehearse, they begin to form new bonds – and repair old ones – just in time for opening night, and give their beloved teacher renewed strength to heal her heart.

Soundtrack Track List:

1. Believe In Yourself (solo)
2. Trust Your Brain
3. What Could Have Been
4. We Lived For Today
5. Obsession
6. Confession
7. It’s Life
8. I Wonder
9. What Could Be
10. Follow Your Dreams
11. Bows
12. The Music Teacher
13. Believe In Yourself (group)

The soundtrack is available on ITUNES and AMAZON August 7th, 2012.

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About The Music Collective
The Music Collective is a full service music production company which has evolved based upon the foundation created by Alan Ett Music Group. Offering creative music services, including composition, music supervision, music editing, music mastering as well as clearance and licensing to the entire production community, The Music Collective is a world leader in all things music. We are one of the few music companies in the world to have successfully established client bases in a variety of media, including broadcast television, cable television, film, video, DVD, and all new and emerging media. The company has international presence and relationships resulting in global reach and representation for our clients and their music.

About BFM Digital, Inc.
BFM Digital is a global digital music company committed to serving the independent music community and delivering quality music, spoken word and video content to leading online retailers worldwide. Representing a diverse catalog of indie labels, artists and publishers, BFM distributes to all of the major music services including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Youtube, Google Music, Beatport, Rhapsody, Zune, eMusic, and many more. With an unparalleled commitment to personalized service, BFM works closely with their content providers from around the world to ensure maximum exposure of their catalog by customizing marketing efforts and building strong relationships with BFM's digital store partners.

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