Wednesday, June 3, 2009

THIS IS A SHAKEDOWN! Shakes Up Radio Stations

Electro-rock band THIS IS A SHAKEDOWN! has experienced significant radio play in recent weeks, with over 27 total stations adding their new album "Love Kills" to the radio waves. With increased radio play, they are sure to shake up the music scene, so keep an eye on this group, before everyone inevitably discovers them.

Stations like WWVU, WRAS, KWVA, and KDHX have given this up-and-coming band radio time and it has paid off. Reactions appear to be quite positive, with one station (KEUL/AK) calling the record "danceable hetero-angst rock" and another (WCKS/MI) calling the new record "killer". The band has been most successful in the mid-northern California area. "Love Kills" is currently the #5 most added album on the College Media Journal RPM chart. In addition, 2 RPM stations (KSYM and WRU) have already charted the full length in their TOP10.

Launched in 2008, THIS IS A SHAKEDOWN!'s Brandon Zano (vocals/guitar), Daniel Lee (bass/synth), Stephen Nicholson (drums), and Justin Nyilas (keyboards/programmer) blend wild electro-groove with heavy rock. Known for notoriously riotous live sets, THIS IS A SHAKEDOWN!'s music gets your blood pumping, your heart pounding, and your body shaking. Tracks like "Circles," "You Make Me Wanna," and "Can't Stop" are instant sparks, electrifying dance floors and charging the psyche to remember those groovy hooks. They even took Frank Sinatra's "My Funny Valentine" and transformed it into a slinky, sexy ballad suitable for a punk rock prom.

Reversed Image Unlimited LLC is a non-traditional, highly innovative record label featuring indie, electronic, rock and pop artists. Keep an eye out for new releases from THIS IS A SHAKEDOWN!, Chuck Mosley (formerly of Faith No More), Adam Heart, Ghost Town Trio and more.

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