Saturday, November 19, 2016

MusicDish Review: ANTON Music Video "Devil"

It is NOT just a music video. It is an erotic/fantasy/thriller dance video. As the Swedish musical phenomenon ANTON has described this music video of his self-written song DEVIL, "it's Fifty Shades of Grey meets Thriller". He was right - the level of sexiness and haunting-ness of this video is beyond words could describe. The set up of this video is in a mystically seductive Mansion with tremendous amount of blood, BDSM toys, and bare-skinned girls. Combining the contrast of greenish-cool-toned lighting and the pops of reds, the sensual graphics and the catching music lure out the inner darkness out of any souls, confirming the title of the song: DEVIL.

ANTON (full name Anton Ewald) is a 23-year-old artist, producer, songwriter and choreographer from Stockholm Sweden.His career started at the tender age of 15 as a choreographer for the biggest artists in Sweden. After four years as a choreographer and dancer for the stars, Anton was discovered by Universal Executive Per Sundin. Anton took center stage as an artist at age 19, becoming one of the most popular pop stars in his native country Sweden. Being rewarded with platinum and gold records in Sweden, ANTON wanted to achieve new heights and soon started exploring his skills as a songwriter and became a self-taught producer.

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